Robot Barista

An industrial robot at the Japan Robot Week exhibition prepares coffee for visitors - video embedded below:

From The Japan Times:

Called Nextage, the company describes it as a “next-generation industrial robot.” It debuted in 2011 and has already seen action at manufacturing firms, assembling electronic components.

Industrial robots including Nextage have already proven their usefulness at manufacturing plants. But Kawada Industries, a Tokyo-based robot maker, wants to show they can be useful outside as well …
The robot, which appeared to be around 170 cm tall, had a large flat head with two cameras for eyes, wore a brown apron and seemed to know what it was doing.

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The future is now


Whenever I try to say something to a pretty girl and the only thing that comes to mind is:



Espen Kluge

Norwegian new media artist employs 3D rendering and minimalism in his works. I’d personally would like to see physical versions of them (especially the main image above).

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qluge also has a Tumblr blog here




We had a Halloween party and no one ever bothered to pack up the skeleton

How the fuck did anyone find this

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this could be in an art gallery, or an album cover.