"That’s what dating’s for," you said as you pushed me out the door. I don’t blame you for that. There were plenty of reasons to do it. Not least of which was my picking at you. You said you didn’t want to talk about it. I ought to know when to take a hint. So its ok, that part of it. But you left…

Please, let us talk directly. I need this, more than anything. Please, I beg of you. So much I would give just for this. Please have mercy upon my mistake. I did not think about my actions, I do not mean to harm, or use you. I see now the error of my ways. Please.

I know I have done it before, but those were different times and different circumstances. This is the only real serious relationship I’ve really been in. Please do not go. 

Everything I’ve said, was so blind and without consideration. I’m not sure what came over me. Please talk to me, on voice. I’ll do anything you say, I’ll communicate more, we’ll do more things together. You bind me to this earth. I’m so stupid, please. Rebecca please, no more distant torture. I am in tears. I don’t want to go on without you.

My skype is mainframe.jesus.

If you have forgotten.

Rebecca, I need you. I will trade away anything for your return. I pray you’re listening.

I broke down into tears today. Never cried as hard before. I had to call in and say I could not go into work. New medication. My mother is forcing me to go to an emergency appointment with the doctor. She berated me and lambaste me for feeling what I feel, like usual. 

I thought about it, and I remembered what it felt like before the day I left you. When you picked at me, and when I drew myself away. I forgot who you were beyond all this, and I made the mistake of leaving you in frustration. A mistake.

Then I would remember the little things, and you would slowly creep back into my life even with distance. Your reflection in silly things, and memories. Now you even haunt me, in my sleep tortuously and it is hard to bare. Please if there is any hint of love left in you, talk to me please. Don’t let this be over.



This is tumblr in a post

this comic is so hilariously shitty I don’t even actually know what it’s a strawman in opposition to



I know gamer culture doesn’t care about mentally ill people “

Gamer Culture doesn’t care about anyone but money

It’s like these video game companies makes video games for money or something.


this website is very hard to take seriously.

So now when you do Alt + Reblog, the reblog symbol turns green, “explodes” and then disappears.









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